My Research Activities           Machine Learning & Data Science

My research activities dealing with machine learning and data science problems and covers a wide spectrum of issues, ranging from supervised learning and unsupervised to transfer and collaborative learning. These researches are powered, coordinated and evaluated through various applications in the field of pattern recognition and massive data mining.

These research activities are structured around three main axes:
• Axis 1: Unsupervised Collaborative Learning from distributed data
  (Probabilistic approaches, geometric approaches, ...).
• Axis 2: Unsupervised transfer learning and domain Adaptation
  (Matrix factorization methods, deep learning)
• Axis 3:  Unsupervised representations learning
 (Deep Neural Networks, Multi-resolution methods, Dimensionality reduction, Features selection and extraction)

My Research TeamA3    (Apprentissage Artificiel & Applications) : Machine Learning & Applications.